Project Backboard Paints Long Lost Basketball Courts With Hope

Basketball courts function as a space to congregate, shoot the shit, and drop some stress – especially in “urban” neighborhoods. However, once a basketball court becomes neglected and the lines on the court fade into the asphalt, it is often forgotten – the community thus finds alternative outlets or simply hangs up their days of hooping.

Nick Dahlen, Lewis-Davis Park, Memphis, TN. Photo by Daniel Peterson.

Project Backboard doesn’t believe in neglected basketball courts. Taking to painting abandoned basketball courts in gorgeous splashes of color breathes new life into the neighborhood while reviving the court and making it playable once again. From the Kinloch neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri to Pierotti Park in Memphis, Tennessee, these courts receive a color treatment that breathes life, hope, and connection into the communities. For more from Project Backboard, visit here.

William LaChance, Kinloch Park, Kinloch, MO. Photo by Daniel Peterson.

Nina Chanel Abney, Chichasaw Park, Memphis, TN. Photo by Daniel Peterson.

Anthony Lee, Pierotti Park, Memphis, TN. Photo by Daniel Peterson.

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