D*Face’s Latest Show “Happy Never Ending” Opens at Corey Helford Gallery

D*Face makes us yearn for a tragic romance from years past. The world renowned UK-based multimedia street artist is best known for his large scale murals that use a series of dysfunctional characters to prompt spectators to carefully consider their pop-culture infused surroundings.

In his latest show, “Happy Never Ending,” he explores the concept of tragedy of loss, both in romantic and fatal encounters. When asked to elaborate on this new body of work, D*Face shares, “This work is about the tragedy of losing someone you love. Not just in the physical sense of death, but also in the metaphorical way that romance has become such an artificial thing in recent years. Courtship used to be a craft, something careful and considered; marriage was an everlasting bond of trust and commitment. Today though, romance is comparable to a shop bought commodity – instantly attainable at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen. In a constant search for someone or something better, people treat others as if they were mere objects – infinitely attainable and instantly disposable.”

As always, his influence from pop-masters like Roy Lichtenstein is prevalent in every single piece and is certain to linger in your mind long after you’ve viewed the show.

Join us at the opening reception for “Happy Never Ending” this Saturday, September 23rd from 7 to 11pm in Gallery 1 at Corey Helford Gallery. Can’t make it? The show will be on view and open to the public through October 21st.

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