Travelogue: Finding Atlantis During a Venture Around the Greek Islands

Some say Atlantis was a lost kingdom that sunk deep into the sea. Some say Plato invented it as his vision of an ideal civilization. Greek mythology and heavenly ideals give Greece an unexplainable energy. The Greek islands hold a mesmerizing beauty that overwhelms you. It shows you that perhaps there is no need for proof of an Atlantis then because it exists here and now.

Stark white buildings with blue rooftops against turquoise skies. No matter how many photos of the seaside view your fingertips have grazed past in the glossy pages of a National Geographic or how many scenes your eyes have gazed at in movies, the cityscape will still knock you in complete awe. Tracy and I started our adventure on the island of Santorini, the island with the most notable white on white city landscape. The light reflecting off all the white buildings lit up this island in the most divine way. We climbed rooftops and wandered alleyways with no real aim, just watching how light bounced between the blank walls, chasing the glow of another sunset.

In Milos, we did nearly the same thing, except this time it wasn’t the buildings that were heavenly white for a stretch of miles. It was nature’s own implausible doing. Starchy white rocks hugging an ocean tide pool was what we found on this quiet island. It served as our infinite playground as we climbed and wandered a moon-like surface. This was truly other-worldly.

Milos is known for their various minerals and different colored beaches. We ventured from the pure white rocks to a beach with rainbow colored hills. This island couldn’t be more dazzling.

Mykonos was a different kind of playground. It is where you go to eat, drink, and dance the night away. I don’t have many photos of this island because we spent our time doing just that. On our last day, we relaxed on an empty beach and made a pact to come back.

Greece has 227 inhabited islands and gave birth to fourteen Greek gods and the idea of Atlantis. It is truly a unique country and a whole world of its own. Unearthly and mystical, I would say this is the closest tangible heaven on earth I found.

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