“Music From Another Room” by Aaron Sinclair

In my imagination, D’Angelo is playing in the background of all these images, on a vinyl spinning in another room, on a record player you keep on packing up no matter how many times you move. He croons in ways that make your insides turn and fall in love with the first person who walks in the room. Sexy can come from anywhere and that still seems surprising to you.

Photographer Aaron Sinclair has stilled in these images the radiant beauty of model Sunnaya Nash, bottled it up and put in on ice. We’re warming up to the idea that summer might come to an end, August like a reflection of these months. It’s all melting in our glass. Nash wanders around from room to room, place to place, looking for something she’s not even sure she’s forgotten. Or perhaps, searching for wherever that music might be playing from.

L’Agent Goodies…