Merging Materials: Selected Artworks by Lisa Schulte

“No neon signs or architectural elements are allowed in the City with the exception of a two (2) square foot “OPEN” neon sign allowed for commercial businesses.”
-Ojai Municipal Code, Article 16, Sec. 10-2.1609

What happens when you merge two opposites to create a whole? Sometimes, it creates an explosion, a clashing of opinions and personalities. Sometimes, it creates beauty, the same way a rich lilac color mixed with a creamy white creates a hue the color of an Ojai sunset. Los Angeles-based artist Lisa Schulte explores the dynamic of collision in her latest art show, Article 16: Selected Artworks. Citing Article 16 of the City of Ojai’s Municipal code, she pulls inspiration from the confines that surround our predetermined definitions.

Showing at Ojai’s Porch Gallery from August 31st through October 8th, Article 16: Selected Artworks will hold its opening reception on Saturday, September 2nd from 5pm to 7pm. For more from Lisa Schulte, visit her website here.

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