“Made You Blush” by Brittany Brooks

If you grew up in the suburbs, some middle America space where the sprinklers turn on at the same time every day, then you know regularity like an opiate. How one can come to crave the strangeness, how it can come crawling out of you, your neighbor, your mother in the afternoon. There is such beauty in it, such oddness in the normal-ness. So much, it can make you blush if you look right at.

Photographer Brittany Brooks has nailed this sort of afternoon, crawling from a dream like haze. With the accompaniment of model Julie Mayorga who fills the role perfectly, they have struck a chord of iconic suburban strangeness that quite frankly I don’t think there is enough of right now. It’s in the movement of her limbs, it’s in the hue of the pink, the height of the hedge.

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