Lingerie Guide: Hot as Hell’s Latest Lookbook is a Peek into a Life Unfiltered

We knew we were going to vibe with Hot as Hell’s latest lookbook upon reading the closing from project photographer Michael Donovan’s artist statement: “Please remember YOU ARE NOT A CONSUMER!!! You are a human being! You were born naked so cover your body how you want. YOU ARE SEXY AS FUCK WHEN YOU ARE YOU!!!”

Traditional lingerie lookbooks have a special place in our heart. We love the glam, the sensual, the sexy, the vixen. However, we also love the natural, the untouched, the raw, the caught-in-the-moment. There’s something about real life authenticity that will always reign champion of our hearts.

Shot during a Michigan road trip, Michael Donovan opted out of staged moments and instead invited models to be and do as they please. In his own words, “You may notice a wrinkle in the clothes, a bruise on the thigh, goosebumps or the occasional cellulite. I didn’t photoshop any of the people to look thinner or ‘more perfect.'”

Take a peek at our favorite moments from Hot as Hell’s lookbook below and shop the collection here.

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