Life Through a Dreamy Lens: A Conversation with Photographer Stella Consonni

Some photographers see the world through a dream lens, a gauzy view where fashion meets personality and intimacy floods the frame. This is precisely the sort of artist Stella Consonni is. Originally from Bergamo, Italy and currently residing in East Lonson, Consonni balances the duties of art director and photographer seamlessly. Stella took a few minutes to answer some questions about her hustle and aspiration. Get to know her below!


LF: Welcome to Live FAST, Stella. When was the first time you realized you were destined to be a photographer?

SA: I don’t think I ever did! Surely, though, I have always been very attracted to images. As a child I used tear images off every magazine I could get my hands on – my mum’s, my grandma’s, the doctor’s… I used to collect them in scrapbooks and look at them for hours wondering how was it possible for a human to create such beautiful images.

LF: How has your artistic style evolved over the years?

SA: I think that, visually speaking, my work is constantly evolving day by day, but the core remains the same. With my images, from fashion to documentary, I aim to celebrate youth and freedom from social stereotypes and rules. I like my work to carry the message that people do not have to follow certain criteria to be accepted or to succeed. I also try as much as I can to feature conscious brands – like in my last beauty editorial for Nylon magazine, where we only featured cruelty free make up and clothing.

LF: Describe your creative aesthetic in five words or less.

SA: Raw, fresh, mostly on film.

LF: How do you approach difficult photo subjects?

SA: I like to find hard to shoot people that will pose for their image to be taken. I like to catch those off guard moments where my subject isn’t aware of the camera. When I was on tour with the band Nothing and working on my book, in the first week I barely picked up the camera as I wanted the guys to get used to have me around. I wanted the book to be an intimate portrait of them rather than a series of perfect images.

LF: When conceptualizing a shoot, do you relay on your head or on your heart?

SA: I’d say more on my gut feeling.

LF: Describe your favorite collaboration to date.

SA: Definitely my book. In 2 short weeks, the guys from Nothing and myself went from being basically strangers to very good friends. Every night they were playing in a different state, which meant very long night drives after each gig. We spent most of the time in the van and bounded in a way I never thought it was possible.

LF: Top three influences?

SA: Independent movies (Paris Texas, The Neon Demon, Slums of Beverly Hills), traveling and nature.

LF: How fast do you live?

SA: Incredibly fast. I travel a lot for work and multitasking is a must to keep on top of everything. I alway wish I had more time to enjoy the places that I visit on jobs, to see more of my family and friends and to sleep properly. Hopefully they’ll change the day into 48 hours some time soon!

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