Whirlwind Woman: A Conversation with Fashion Icon and Creative Powerhouse Marta Pozzan

There are some women who have a knack for doing it all. The ones who know how to effortlessly style themselves and pour themselves into their penchant for creative exploration. The women who have their hands full at all times with a variety of different projects that are equal parts dynamic and impressive. Marta Pozzan is one of these women. Recently releasing ‘Destiny or Desire’, a short fashion film created in collaboration with Diesel, she continues to expand her roots in the fashion industry.

Pozzan hails from Italy, where at a mere 19 years old she began working as fashion editor for Vanity Fair Italy’s editor-in-chief Silvia Paoli. Honing her hustle from an early age, she moved to Los Angeles after receiving a scholarship to attend the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, the school from which she graduated in 2012.

Expressing herself on MartaPozzan.com, a fashion blog that defeats all others thanks to Pozzan’s always-evolving eye and taste for sourcing culturally-relevant words (where else can you see Gucci styled alongside a Sofia Coppola quote?), Pozzan has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. In-between her globetrotting schedule, she took some time to answer a few questions. Dive in below.

Photo by Bradley Meinz


LF: Hi Marta! Tell us about the projects currently on your plate.

MP: Hi! I’m currently working on digital ambassador partnerships with mostly beauty and fashion brands. I’ve been doing this for the past four years and I’ve had to pleasure to work with some dream labels such as KENZO, M Missoni, L’Oreal Paris, BVLGARI, Marc Jacobs, Farfetch and as of late DIESEL, amongst others. I’m always working on MartaPozzan.com, where I share a curated gallery of images related to art, fashion, cinema, and design and feature shoppable products through a story-telling, editorial approach. At the moment, I’m really focusing on video content, where I work to feature brands through mini fashion films. The goal is to tell more and more stories in the form of shorts that can hopefully inspire other women and make them feel like their own stories are being told in a way that feels real, authentic and meaningful through my work with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. I love to touch subject matters that still feel untold and are relevant in our society.

LF: Describe your personal style in 5 words.

MP: Edgy. Urban. European. Sophisticated. Colorful.

LF: How has your style evolved over the years?

MP: My style has evolved quite a bit. When I was in high school I would dress in extra baggy pants and Etnies (in Europe we all tried to look like Avril Lavigne), mind you I never in my life stepped on a skate board, and then after moving to Milan I started wearing Miu Miu, acting a lot more like a girl. I think I still dress like a girl but the attitude can be quite boyish although I love to play with makeup these days. I think my style at the moment can be classified as alternative chic… Is that a term? Can I coin that?

LF: ‘Destiny and Desire’ centers on two young women grappling with their identity and moving through the fluidity of Los Angeles. How has living in Los Angeles shaped your identity?

MP: The inspiration for the story line simply came from living in LA as a young adult and realizing how many of the things I thought were such dogmas in my teenage years are subject to major changes: the job you choose, your friends, the city you live in and maybe your sexuality as well, your idea of love and relationships. LA is a place that not only challenges you professionally and emotionally but also molds you and brings you to a whole new awareness, which is why the ‘questioning of one’s identity’ is seen here as something very crucial in the girls’ lives.

LF: In what ways do you see yourself in each of the ‘Destiny and Desire’ characters Eve and Marta?

MP: ‘Destiny or Desire’ portrays the life of Eve and Marta, two young women in their late 20s. Eve is visiting Los Angeles. She came with her boyfriend but they broke up soon after arriving in LA. She is at a moment in her life where she’s questioning everything. Marta is single and living in LA as a writer. She is struggling with her relationships. We are following both girls around LA in their journey. They are both authentic, strong, rebellious and free. The story was conceptualized by me and then written and adapted for camera by the director Rainer Lipski, who was responsible for the cinematography, the sound effects and color choices.

The main featured song ‘Born to Love You’ is by our talent Kassia Conway. The exchange between Kassia and I worked well for the project because Kassia embodied the perfect tomboy, rebel girl whereas I filled the more sophisticated, mysterious soul side. In the short, we are both climbing to adulthood and dreams of a love that wasn’t quite expected. We don’t understand if they’re yet a couple but they’re certainly romantically involved, very unexpectedly so. It’s almost as surrendering to this weird thing that’s happening to them as the only way to keep them living a more honest and satisfying life. I think many of us can relate to both of them in similar ways.

LF: How do you define productivity? How do you nurture said productivity?

MP: Productivity means being able to access a certain part of your brain that will allow you to develop ideas, strategies, plans and implement them. Combining this with a business sense of things is necessary to be a successful artist and entrepreneur with the end goal being to achieve credibility, recognition and a good living from sincere and committed work. Curiosity and ambition help me move forward and stay creative just by simply always wanting to do more and to learn from everything around me, allowing myself to get inspired – even randomly at times. Its an insatiable hunger for new challenges and goals.

LF: Do you approach your personal sense of style analytically or intuitively?

MP: Intuitively. I believe that with art, you can only feel it, you can’t think it. I’ve always approached my work intuitively first

LF: How fast do you live?

MP: Fast. I think fast, eat fast, walk fast.

Photo by Beau Simmons

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