Vans, Bands, and Babes: An 8mm Film on Desert Generator

If going to the desert to see a bunch of custom old-school American vans and party for two days with like-minded people who appreciate working on cars, listening to rock ‘n’ roll music, and drinking beer late into the night with a bunch of girls in cowboy hats and cut-off denim doesn’t sound like fun… Then hell… You probably shouldn’t read this. Desert Generator isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you decide Desert Generator is your thing and plan to go next year, here’s a few tips…

First off, if you don’t have a van, fucking buy one. They’re cheap. Or convince a friend to buy one.

Buy a ticket online to get into the stage area to see the bands. It’s worth the admission. If you’re broke, you can always just party in a van like some do, or go to the bar at Pappy’s.

Fill up a few coolers with ice and beer, grab a few snack essentials, and maybe a grill, pick up some of your strangest wildest friends (the ones willing to pitch in for gas, or have appropriate party favors). Drive east out of the city, follow directions to Joshua tree, and keep your eyes peeled for Pioneer Town Road in the Yucca Valley. Grab more beer and more ice there.

Ten miles up that road you’ll find the bar, an old legendary outpost called Pappy and Harriet’s. There’s a stage in the back and a sign that still reads, “Camping, $10 per person, $10 per horse.” This sign still holds true. Don’t bother buying the camping pass through the site. For some reason they don’t have the basic camping cost listed in the festival pass options, so it’s cheaper to just show up and pay the lot attendant.

You’ll see a bunch of cool vans parked in a dirt lot out back. Find a parking spot, pay the man guarding the lot ten bucks a piece and cut lose for couple nights of nostalgic partying with some rad people.

Oh yeah, and by the way… there’s not really any service, but I dig that kind of shit.

Check out the film photos from that weekend featuring Wonderland glasses.

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