“Summer Escapism” by Cherokee Neas (NSFW)

Summer swells and sighs, picks us up and sweeps us along. They are idyllic months of days that never end, afternoons to stand for entire swaths of time, this age we are in. We draw up these pastoral landscapes in which we will swim, river bound and backstroke, in which we picnic sun-bathed and hills of burnt green. Everything turned thirsty.

Cherokee Neas‘s afternoon with model Brittany Hoffner is an apex of summer, of languid escapism as it has always been and hopefully always will be. It is the pastoral tone of the images that reminds you this could be anytime, that people have always sought pleasure in the same sort of ways: ripe fruit and a river’s edge, the feeling of your bare skin in nature, a book, and the way the sun stretches out for you.

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