Preview: Read an Excerpt from Cotton Walter’s “Buttplug”

Cotton Walters has a penchant for writing about love and sex from the perspective of a man who is head over heels. Honest, poignant, and erotic without any hint of the misogyny that often plagues male sex writers, we are beyond proud to have Walters on our roster of writers.

Buttplug, his latest endeavor, tells the story of an engagement ring, a trip around the world, and a buttplug. Featuring illustrations by Alphachanneling, the book feels nostalgic in your hands and is certain to be a lust-filled love story you’ll hang onto forever. This book is debuting at Agenda and available for purchase here. Can’t wait to read? Divulge in an excerpt below.

“I can see her, even with my eyes covered— her eyebrows pressed together, her hazel eyes searching through the drawer of our bedside table (the sex drawer), where we keep her tiny golden vibrator, some massage oil, some lube, and a variety of condoms we never use. The sheets smell of lavender and my skin smells of soap. She could be anyone in that moment, I suppose — any woman, any man shuffling through the items that we hide from the world, a thief in the night. I have felt myself connected to every woman that has ever existed when she’s wrapped around me, her mouth on my mouth, her labia around my cock. If we all come from the same source, be that Adam and Eve, or two apes in a jungle, then to connect with her is to connect with all of humankind, is to connect with God, I have felt, as we come together.”

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