Check In: Fall in Love With Hotel Mar Adentro’s Minimalist Architecture

Hotel Mar Adentro takes everything we have ever known about Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and discards it in a momentous way. This tour-de-force hotel of minimalistic architecture proves photogenic from every angle and height. Built around the poetic notion that water is the most precious natural resource, Mar Adentro gives you a reason to feel rooted.

From each view point you are immersed in wrap-around-water from the Mexican sea. All rooms and villas have at least partial ocean views leaving no one out of the coastal serenity.

The restaurants and bars are no exception. The Origen restaurant sits at the edge of the wrap around water pool. This indoor-outdoor space has you sitting on the horizon, contemplating the expansiveness of the ocean’s features.

Nido is their most picturesque restaurant – an escape from the traditional modern landscape of the hotel. The restaurant is a pod placed in the middle of the wrap-around-water pool serving as a central landmark between the hotel and ocean. Built as a latticework structure by local craftsmen, the pod’s entrance is through the built pathways in the water. You eat as if you are immersed in a little island far away from anything man-made.

Continue down the path from Nido and you find Hotel Mar Adentro’s pool. A pool inside an already very large natural pool which then overlooks the ocean. Water on water on water. Hotel Mar Adentro also takes their relationship of the element to a sustainable level.

The natural barrier of water floating through the outside of the hotel and in between the Nido restaurant and resident pool is used for a water sustainable project. Through desalination, inverse osmosis, activated carbon, and UV-ray cleansing processes, Mar Adentro supplies 100% purified and drinkable water.

For those that love the dramatic and the serene simultaneously, the Mar Adentro in all of its natural yet drastically modern accents is the place to go to feel both the grand romance of nature and the bold spectacle of human creation. Book your stay now.

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