Swimwear Made from Recycled Fish Nets: Introducing Gala Maar’s “Ethos Capsule Collection”

Gala Maar has launched their first collection of eco-friendly swimwear; timeless suits with a touch of contemporary style. Founded and designed by Blakely Wickstrom, she is making swimwear you can actually wear – meaning their mediums actually fit a medium and that having a booty doesn’t mean you have to shop elsewhere. In addition to their well-rounded cuts, the suits are all handcrafted in Los Angeles from “environmentally sound fabrics.” This techno-fabric is made of nylon from recycled and discarded fishing nets, which constitute 10% of the ocean’s pollution – I know, blew my mind too!

Since swimsuits are typically worn while enjoying this earth, their belief is that it is backward to do ill will while making them. We 100% agree. And it’s not just the suits, their commitment to positive impact is in everything they do from recyclable hang tags to the way they run their office hours. So, just to sum things up for you: Gala Maar is making swimsuits that fit you from recycled fishing nets. Sometimes the world and its people are pretty damn amazing.

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