Summer Solstice: Getting Lost Amongst Nature on our Grit Girl Hike

Summertime calls for afternoons spent lost – lost in nature, lost in the hills of Topanga Canyon, lost but with good company. Our collaborative partnership with not-so-basic basics brand Richer PoorerGrit Girl Hike, is an all-female adventure club. Hosting our second wilderness activation at Red Rock Canyon in Topanga, we teamed up with natural perfume distillery Juniper Ridge and photographer Laura Austin.

Tobias & Hall of Juniper Ridge create all natural wilderness perfumes in their traveling field lab.

What transpired was an eclectic group of women connecting with one another and their lush surroundings. Pausing at every bend on the hike to collect sprigs of sage, rosemary, and dandelions, Hall and Tobias provided an education on the power of nature, naming off key characteristics and scent notes of each plant we encountered.

Photographer Laura Austin is known for spending nearly every waking moment discovering natural gems around Los Angeles county.

There is nothing sweeter than ending a morning spent baking in the sun with an afternoon spent swimming in a chilled saltwater pool. Thanks to a little help from our friends at Boutique Homes, we headed to their Topanga location for a dip. With Juniper Ridge setting up their mobile distillery in the driveway, we gathered around the pool to eat sweetgreen salads, re-hydrate with LIFEWTR and sip Health-Ade kombuchas.

Boutique Homes is a vacation home rental service that specializes in well-designed architectural gems around the globe. With thousands of gorgeous homes in off-the-radar locales in lusted after destinations, it is like Airbnb’s cooler, more elevated big brother. The perfect tool for planning your next vacation, creative retreat, honeymoon, or adventure, Boutique Homes makes it incredibly easy to ensure your next global jaunt maintains a breathtaking aesthetic. Get acquainted with the founders here.

There is beauty in gathering an eclectic group of women – from writers to photographers to activists to entrepreneurs – to mingle and delve into a new experience together. A special thank you to Richer Poorer, sweetgreen, Health-Ade, Juniper Ridge, The Hundredth Acre, Boutique Homes, LIFEWTR, Hot Fat Donuts, and Laura Austin for making this day so special. Stay tuned for our next #GritGirlHike installment!

The Boutique Homes’ Topanga property features a refreshing saltwater pool and a lush patio area.

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