Studio Visit: Catzorange Blends Organic Modern with a Summertime Aesthetic

Catzorange is a duo who creates sweet treasures. Based out of Brooklyn, the couple has been receiving buzz for their handmade bags that boast an organic modern aesthetic. Their signature details are thick strands of rope sewn into large intricate loops to create bucket bags and circular purses. A minimalist’s dream and the go-to accessory for cool girls, Catzorange creates bags that are made for filling with memories. Farmer’s markets, beaches, meetings, train rides – the line’s aesthetic blends into any scenario.

Johnny and Coco, the individuals behind Catzorange, let us into their plant-filled world. Their studio is based out of Brooklyn and is nothing short of dreamy. Get acquainted with the couple below and view their selection of goods here – they’re the perfect accessory for all of your summer memories.


LF: Welcome to Live FAST. First things first, what does the name Catzorange mean?

J & C: Catzorange comes from a special time and place for both of us. It goes back to where we met and it is a word that has travelled with us ever since.

LF: What influenced you to create the Catzorange line?

J & C: We are constantly creating and making things. Making objects of all kinds for our home always left us with pieces that we gave to friends and family. We simply made what we needed and what we wanted to have. At some point, we figured that we can bring those pieces to a wider audience and just went for it.

Catzorange is our attempt to pin down an aesthetic that we wanted to find in our life. It is built around a simplicity, clarity and beauty that we struggled to find. We never really thought we were going to have our own line. Now, we feel very proud to have been able to create this little adventure.

LF: Describe your creative rituals – both individually and as a unit.

J: We have an enormous amount of plants in our loft. Every morning I take the time to check in and care for each one of them. It is a fantastic way to start the day and loosen up the mind.

C: I make lists to slow myself down and stay focused. I love making lists and plans. I make lists for everything and carry them around in little books so I can make new ones, look at old ones, cross things out. We spend as much time as we can in nature, going on walks and looking for treasures along the way.

LF: Are you more intuitive or analytical when designing?

J: I am a bit more analytical and like to problem solve when designing and fit the object to its purpose. I follow the shapes and forms that whatever material we are working with presents to me while keeping its functionality.

C: My work flow is more intuitive. I go for a certain taste while designing, like a color palette or pattern in my head that creates a balance. When a concept feels balanced, it becomes whole – I can look up and take a step back. Our sensibilities and process work very well together.

LF: The bags you create are a perfect union of function and fashion – who/what are your top 5 design inspirations?

J & C: We love traditional fabrics and textiles. We have a small collections of antique berber shawls and Peruvian blankets that have a lot of history in them. They are wonderfully made and tell stories that will outlast us. Apart from fabrics, we are very inspired by all kinds of artifacts and curiosities that cross our path. If we had a big house, we probably would have one closet full of old and weird glass objects, bottles, canisters, and vessels .

If we would have to pin it down to inspiring people, our top names would be: Brancusi, Charles & Ray Eames, Donald Judd and, above all, Lisa Bonet.

LF: Do you believe that style is something that can be taught, rather than a natural trait?

J & C: Having the confidence and dedication to wear your own personality through your clothing is a good natural trait. Being aware of the quality and history of a garment can certainly educate and influence one’s style.

LF: Describe your last experience traveling.

J & C: The last time we traveled, we went to Mykonos in Greece. It was for a get-together with friends and we stayed in a beautiful little arrangement of houses on a hill. All white, crisp and bright with the ocean at the tip of your toes. We cooked together, danced in the night and drove around in little Jeeps.

LF: What was the last dream you had?
I carried a Baby Koala, little bird and a chipmunk on my head…

LF: How do you each individually express vulnerability?

Creating is a way of expressing a vulnerability. Making something and putting it out there is always scary.

LF: How fast do you live?

Very fast on the outside, very slow on the inside.

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