Long Live Our Planet: No Matter What Our Administration Says, Climate Change is Real

The news that came out today is incredibly upsetting. The fact that America’s leader believes that climate change is a hoax is scary enough, but pulling out of the Paris Climate Deal, a global pact aimed at reducing emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases, is horrifying. If he is willing to put into action other regulations to help diminish America’s impact on the environment outside of the Paris accord – great. But our current government’s concerns seem to be short-sighted, without considering our impact on future generations. If we fast forward to a time when our planet struggles to sustain the life that is on it, it won’t matter if America is first. Leaders around the world need to consider the human race as a collective species, as opposed to the current us versus them mentality.

To not acknowledge that climate change is indeed real and dangerous is absolutely absurd. Yes, throughout history the Earth’s climate has changed. That is normal and expected, but the rate in which it is currently doing so is alarming. When you consider the rapid rate of destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, sea level rise, global temperature rise, glacial retreat, and other phenomena confirmed by trusted scientific sources like NASA, you would be an idiot to not acknowledge the importance of protecting our environment.

Without getting overly political, I am going to shift the focus to personal concerns. I have been so incredibly fortunate to spend a good amount of time admiring so many beautiful and inspiring places the planet has to offer. I would like to think that if I end up having children some day, that I would be able to share the magic of these incredible places with them, and that they would be able to do the same with their children, and so on. With that in mind, I have pulled together some images of some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes that Mother Nature has shared with me, in the hopes of “planting a seed” in the hearts and consciousness of others. Please help protect our planet. The threat is real. Support the Environmental Defense Fund and take action today.

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