“Golden Heat” by Chris Fortuna

There’s something ethereal about the summer light. Grass grazing bare legs, the buzz of bees and fireflies just before the sun begins to dip. There’s something about the summer that we keep circling around, yearning for cooler days yet never wanting to sacrifice their expansive length.

Sheer dress by Isabel Marant

Natalia Bonifacci is captured by Chris Fortuna in our latest editorial, “Golden Heat.” Each look exists in a space where time does not. A long, white, gauze dress could be from any era and her nude body doused in jewels creates an image that will surely be emblazoned on our minds for years. Dreamy in the sense that each photograph feels plucked from our dreams, “Golden Heat” functions as a love note to our best selves, our summer selves.

Sheer dress by Isabel Marant

Sheer Blouse by Sharon Wauchob

Pins by Sasha Samuel

Vest by Alena Akhmadullina

Vest by Alena Akhmadullina and Briefs by Ann Demeulemeester

Long Floral Gown by Needle and Thread

Long Floral Gown by Needle and Thread

Gold Dress by AOTC and briefs by Ann Demeulemeester

Navy blazer and dress by Isabel Marant, belt by Giada Forte

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