“Wallflower” by BLAVKA

‘Wallflower,” the latest editorial from photographer Haley Blavka, is a floral fever dream that is anything but shy, fluttering through your consciousness with a luscious, delirious energy that exhilarates all your senses. Brimming with unfiltered emotion and soft-edged sensuality, the series captures a restless and daydreamy internal landscape that evokes shades of Sofia Coppola’s rose-tinted Marie Antoinette.

Backlit by a vibrant wall of flowers and surrounded by lush plants, models Lexi Kingery and Shaheem Anderson embody a romantic and almost nostalgic longing, staring down the camera with a cool composure that unfolds into feverish moments of expressiveness. Donning exquisite vintage-inspired ensembles from Store Revolving Curation that perfectly embody the sumptuousness of the season, their expressions drift from radiant curiosity to moody defiance to winking mischief, leaving us feeling like there is much more to the story just beneath the filmy surface.

With flowers wound in their hair and petals pressed into their cheekbones, the series gives off an energy that is vulnerable and otherworldly, plucked from the past or the future. The result is an opulent wash of frenzied color that swallows you whole, intricately textured with a yearning intensity and anticipation. Highlighting our sublime, almost sacred connection to flowers and nature, this intoxicating editorial delicately and dizzyingly captures the golden glow of wallflowers in bloom.

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