vōx Takes Us To Church with Her Experimental Debut EP

Experimental recording artist and performer vōx just released her debut EP “I Was Born”. Words make too thin of a statement to capture the vast array of feelings her tunes stir up for us. The collection of songs is a battle cry, a symphony for the soft spaces we keep in ourselves, a way of mending and growing out of the things we choose or are forced to change.

To celebrate the release, she is doing two feature performances in churches on the east and west coast. It feels fitting because listening to “I Was Born” as a whole body of work feels like going to some kind of church right there in your living room, in your car, with your headphones on and eyes closed. The first performance is in Los Angeles on May 6th with BOSCO at the Pico Union Project. Following that is a second performance in New York on June 1st with Oyinda at the Jan Hus Presbyterian Church. To see this EP performed live will be an experience unto itself.

I Was Born EP Cover - Katy Shayne

“I Was Born is the story of personal rebirth. It’s naked. It’s vulnerable. Leaving your past behind to serve a bigger purpose can be painful or lonely. But the most powerful thing you can do is change.” –vōx

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