Vibrant Conversation: Getting to Know Kate Parfet Through a Magnificent Color Palette

Kate Parfet is magnificent and understated at once. With delicate features that create the most beautiful canvas, whether that is a face full of nude hues or rich color, she eludes a strong yet quietly stated sense of self. Her talents are eclectic – from her elevated sense of style to her deep well of intellect, she is equal parts stunning and dynamic. This dynamism makes Kate an interesting subject and a beautiful study. Intrigued by her casual cool aesthetic that contrasts beautifully in this editorial shot by Carly Foulkes, I asked her a few questions on her dreams, aspirations, and present day musings. Dive in and get to know Ms. Parfet below.



LF: What was the last big risk you took?
KP: Eating street meat in Mexico City.

LF: Have you always been comfortable in your own skin?
KP: It’s a daily practice.


LF: What’s your coming of age story?
KP: A wonderfully awkward one of failed attempts at team sports.  I was a foot taller than than all the boys with no hand-eye coordination. Socially, I spent most Friday nights eating cheese and crackers at my parents’ dinner parties. It was actually pretty okay… I felt more at ease with adults then.


LF: What advice would you give your younger self?
KP: Remember your parents and teachers are humans, not gods.
Cheer up, one day you’ll miss doing homework.
Keep your journals.
Don’t be afraid to travel alone. You are more capable than you think.

LF: Describe your personal style in one sentence.
KP: A librarian with an attitude.


LF: What is your favorite thing about this portrait series?
KP: It feels good to step outside my muted comfort zone into Carly’s vibrant playfulness.

LF: Have you always had a passion for color?
KP: I think so. I’m warming up to wilder colors like slime green.

LF: What is your best quality?
KP: Having no filter.


LF: What’s your worst quality
KP: Having no filter.

LF: What does today’s fashion say about our daily lives?
KP: Everyone is in a hurry / needs it now.

LF: How FAST do you live?
KP: Too fast. Trying to slow it down. Not reach for my phone first thing in the morning. Write more poems. Shoot more film.


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