Places We Should Skinny Dip: Turkey’s Museum Hotel in Cappadocia

What’s special about The Museum Hotel in Cappadocia is not the luxury. Although it can certainly hold its own among the five stars of the world, in such a unique property the amenities take a backseat.

The hotel was meticulously restored and renovated from the signature ruins, caves, and houses Cappadocia is famous for, showcasing a modern, sleek interior design within the confines of a centuries-old edifice carved from volcanic stone. Each room is different, a new opportunity to be wowed and wooed found around every bend and fold. I particularly enjoyed the curved ceilings in our suite. Looking up from under the cool linens on our bed, I felt like I was sleeping in a cathedral. Either that or I had died and gone to architectural heaven.

And as if the building itself wasn’t enough, the property boasts the most unforgettable view of the hot air balloons dotting the pink and purple sky at sunrise. We headed up at 6 A.M. for a morning dip in the pool and were greeted by this remarkable, inspiring and whimsical scene.

There are some luxury hotels that go appreciated, and then others that simply change your way of being. The Museum Hotel in Cappadocia is certainly one of them.

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