Photographer Eylül Aslan Documents Tokyo Through a Cotton Candy-Colored Lens

Perhaps one of the most magical occurrences is watching a creative depart from their typical work and finding inspiration in their immediate surroundings. This occasional joy translates into a voyeuristic experience for spectators – a foray into another creative’s mind, an opportunity to take a peek through their eyes. Eylül Aslan’s photos from a recent trip to Japan do just that – a departure from her work that often focuses on the human form, we are instead invited to watch as she drifts in and out of frames, her cotton candy colored shoes serendipitously matching the sweet pastel hues that paint Tokyo. Dive in below!

IMG_1821-e1466200166846 IMG_1824-e1466254682528 IMG_1826-e1466254595904 IMG_1825-e1466254445450 IMG_1815-e1466254570150 IMG_1819-e1466254753426 IMG_1823-e1466254731633 IMG_1822-e1466254714397 IMG_1827-e1466254697457 IMG_1830-e1466254844465 IMG_1828-e1466254807434 IMG_1809-e1466255028949 IMG_1814-e1466255009893 IMG_1803-e1466255115162

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