Hotel Tour: Panamint Springs Resort Death Valley, CA

The arrival into Death Valley National Park hailed pitch blackness. Amidst the night of the desert, the stars were sparkling brightly yet there was no other visibility besides the headlights of the car hitting the road and the moon above. After an hour or so drive across the park, Panamint Springs Resort was upon the road. It was a desert oasis lined with cabins. In the distance, the darkness promised a magnificent view upon sunrise.

Settling into the cabin was a cozy relief from the road. The walls were lined top to bottom with beautiful wood. It was the perfect place to cozy up and read some Jim Morrison poetry before drifting off to desert dreams.

Upon rising, a glance out the cabin window yielding a view of purple mountain ranges and wide open spaces. Something about the vastness of the desert promised potential and hope. Across the street, a cafe offered a simple cup of coffee and some breakfast. The strong coffee and a fresh map of Death Valley yielded an exciting start to the day.

Panamint Springs was the perfect location to launch on an adventure into the park. From the West to the East, the road was calling. First, the Mesquite Sand Dunes presented a desert playground of sand. Next onto the Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. There is just so much to explore in the National Park. Photo series coming soon.

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