Hotel Tour: Katamama Hotel, Bali

I stayed at the Katamama Hotel at the end of a Bali trek, saving the high-end splurge to restore myself before boarding another flight. Seminyak itself was a little much for me which probably made this retreat all the much more appreciated. Katamama was an island on an island for me, a respite, a hot shower, an incredible meal, an artfully made cocktail. It was the best nights sleep of my life. The grounds were so welcoming and the staff so warm that I felt for the first time in weeks alone but not lonely. In my mind the best kind of stays not only allow you to relax and recharge but they also hold a window into the kind of life you might want reach for.

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Katamama is not an understated luxury. It is simply a well-stated luxury. They have left no handcrafted stone unturned. The walls are filled with art from the local bourgeoning scene, and the rooms with midcentury furniture that blends seamlessly to the tastefully sparse elements. They are prideful in the fact that so many elements of the hotel are made from local artisans, from the hand woven rugs to the hand dyed robes, the infused syrups stocked in your in-room bar, to the actual brick walls of the building. It is a million little masterpieces all strung together to make your stay a work of art.


With three bars onsite to treat yourself, the delectable tapas restaurant MoVida, and 24-hour room service you are never at a shortage of ways to enjoy and indulge yourself. As you enter, serving as part greeting room and part bar, Akademi, is a mixologist’s wet dream. I spent an entire evening there “working” and chatting with the staff as they buzzed through the room. Let me just rave for a second that there is no lobby, you are met by a staff member at Akademi and then led to your room. The check-in process is integrated into your arrival, which includes a cocktail made in room and fresh eclairs waiting for you. Uh, swoon. I think there are few treats tastier than making a check-in process so seamless. More bonus points – the property is ultra eco-friendly, banning plastics and other environmental no-no’s.


With 58 suites, there is not a single one that disappoints. The single rooms are larger than most apartments I’ve had and the rooftop suites boast private hot tubs that over look the ocean. My stay was, if anything, too short. I swam in the pool and dined on ceviche. I sat alone in the restaurant and read Hemingway and ate a four course dinner. I had cocktails and took a hot shower (which if you’ve been to Bali you know is a luxury). I sat by the pool and answered emails. It was there that I was overcome with the decision to seek a life that took me to places like this, to have moments such as these, and live in a way I wanted to reach for. I haven’t stopped since.

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