Débarrassons Le Plancher: A Sink Hole Sculpture Takes Over A Medieval Castle

This is where design meets history class. Conceptualized by design duo Fanny Bouchet and Emmanuelle Messier of Byme Architecture, Débarrassons le Plancher is a gorgeous art installation that simultaneously tricks and intrigues the eye.

French for “Let’s get rid of the floor,” Débarrassons le Plancher is composed of 3,000 wooden cubes. Arranged in a manner that gives off the illusion of the floor sinking inwards. A play on the l’assomoir, “the deadfall,” this installation alludes to the trapdoor that was used to trick and attack intruders.

While this piece was constructed for a festival created by the Center of National Monuments at Aigues-Mortes in France and is no longer on view, you can keep up with other peculiar and fascinating projects from this design team here.

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