Dance Meets Erotica: Denna Thomsen and Jasmine Albuquerque Present SOFT SEX


Los Angeles, prepare yourself: SOFT SEX is coming for you. The brainchild of artists Denna Thomsen, who has danced and choreographed for the likes of Sia and Lorde, and Jasmine Albuquerque, who is one third of LA theatrical experience group WIFE, SOFT SEX is an interactive dance party slash social experiment landing in downtown Los Angeles at the Regent Theater for one night only on Wednesday May 3rd. Presented by Maavven and Spaceland Presents, SOFT SEX blurs the boundaries between performance art and interactive dance party, creating an immersive “visual playground” of sensory stimulation and raw, uninhibited movement.


The evening will feature electrifying performances and live installations from Thomsen, Albuquerque, and seven other dancers, as well as live music and DJ sets to keep the blood pumping. There will also be a live performance of Andrea Brook’s breathtaking Sonic Butterfly, a twenty six long string instrument that looks like butterfly wings emerging from either side of the performer, which creates an otherworldly visual and immersive sound that feels both intimate and larger than life, transforming the space into a living, breathing instrument.


Taking the audience on an ephemeral journey that is both personal and communal, the evening is about finding freedom through the feverish frenzy of movement. Dancers literally free themselves from the confines of routine, breaking down the traditional fourth wall of performance to connect with the audience and dance alongside them. The result is an electric and erotic collective energy that taps into our relentless primal instincts, inspiring us to follow the spontaneous urges of our bodies, to move based on feeling instead of thinking.


Equal parts playful and unsettling, SOFT SEX invites the audience “back to the underground dance scene,” evoking images of a dimly lit dance floor pulsating with sweat, pleasure, and passion, where the music is in control, moving though you freely and unapologetically, allowing your senses to run wild. Existing in a place between punk and poetry, embracing both roughness and gracefulness, SOFT SEX aims to get you out of your own head and deep into your own body. Whether it’s a social experiment, dance party, performance art piece, or gloriously all of the above, it touches on dance, music, and storytelling, all facets of the human experience which are rooted in the idea of release, of breaking free, of transforming through the primal power of performance. Plus, any event that asks you to “Dance and drink. Get fucked and think. Sweat and stink.” is undoubtedly going to be an unforgettable evening. Ready to get free? Buy your tickets to SOFT SEX here.


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