Black Dadaism: Adam Pendleton Challenges Preconceived Notions on Blackness, Minimalism, and Art History

The most revolutionary act one can do is to create from their point of view, challenging preconceived notions of art. Adam Pendleton does just this. Creating within the canon of “Black Dada,” a term he borrowed from Amiri Baraka’s poem “Black Dada Nihilismus,” Pendleton challenges what it means to be black, our understanding of blackness, and how those two notions collide and affect our collective capacity for change.


Pendleton’s current show, “Becoming Imperceptible,” is at Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland until Sunday, May 14th. Exploring Black Lives Matter and Minimalism in the same breath, the show is expansive, paying homage to a history that is sullied and disjointed while offering room for hope, progress, and expansion. It is through this homage and nod to political and artistic movements that precede Pendleton’s work that he creates revised cultural records, ones that ask us what to consider the possibilities that lay behind altering our understanding of blackness. For more from Pendleton, visit here.

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