All in a Day’s Time: Getting Lost in RVCA Swim with Mahina Alexander

With the hot heat of summertime comes to the cool freedom of a season spent adventuring. All in a Day’s Time features natural beauty Mahina as she wanders the California coastline, exploring the best spots Malibu has to offer. From a hike in the canyons to a roadside fruit stand, she embodies the ease we all lust for as soon as the May Gray lifts. Ian Passmore captures her as she slips in and out of RVCA swim pieces. With their most recent offerings designed to go anywhere, Mahina exhibits the versatility of each piece, easing in and out of each frame, sharply focused on the present moment. Donning a set she designed herself and bikinis from RVCA’s aptly titled “Anywhere” collection, every image takes us on a new journey, showing the exact purpose of RVCA swim: to go anywhere and everywhere.

Join us as we wander around on a sunny California day with this classic beauty and shop your favorite looks below!

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