A Reflection on 1960s Afghanistan Shows What Life was Like Before the Taliban

Modern day Afghanistan is remembered as a tattered nation stuck under the rule of the Taliban. However, there is an era where Afghanistan was a beautiful country of peace. Dr. Bill Podlich captured the following photos during his time in the country with his wife and two daughters in 1967. Shot entirely on a Kodachrome film camera, the following photos were taken during the moments when Dr. Podlich wasn’t teaching.

What these photos show are a land of freedom and ease, a Westernized lifestyle complete with thigh-grazing skirts and a thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, this history of camaraderie, exploration, and a lust for life shifted dramatically once the country was pulled into war and ruled by the Taliban.

There is a mystifying beauty to seeing Afghanistan in a rarely depicted light. It highlights a reality that is heartbreaking and forces an acknowledgement of the fact that this country has a wealth of culture and history that should be remembered with love and care. View Afghanistan through Dr. Podlich’s eyes below.

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