“A Certain Brand of Los Angeles Magic” by Sophia Sinclair

I read somewhere recently that Los Angeles has it’s own special brand of sadness. And it might be true, but there is also a balance: a lustful hope that things just might turn around, that you just might be the next one, that a break is always just around the corner. Because sometimes it is. We come here and settle in the hills, the thin streets, the crowded corners and feed off one another’s reaching kind of energy, a creativity that still makes the night sky sparkle. We are fed bedtime stories of swimming pools and starlets and love that exists solely on balconies. If there is a certain brand of sadness then certainly there is in equal parts a certain brand of magic.

This series, shot by photographer Sophia Sinclair in Hancock Park in LA, is exactly what I am talking about. It’s all very Valley of the Dolls. It puts on display this lustful waiting for something great, a magic in the sadness, a beauty and sex appeal that doesn’t need an audience to exist. Model Allie Legget gets us all wrapped up in her old hollowed starlet gaze. She has delivered us the appeal, the vibration, and very reason of why we keep on coming by the train load to this fine city.

L’Agent Goodies…