That 420 Feeling: A Sigur Rós Sound Bath and Meditative THC Experience

We found paradise at a multi-sensory sound bath experience. Hosted by cannabis brand Lord Jones and Icelandic indie band Sigur Rós at NeueHouse Hollywood, this otherworldly experience was in support of the “Wild Sigurberry,” a cannabis-infused gumdrop collaboration and part of the Sigur Rós and Friends Reykjavík Fringe Festival.

Lord Jones

To say this was a stoner’s utopia is… well, it is true, but it also reduces all that this event was – it was elevated and chic, thanks to the gorgeous Juan Azulay art installation and an assortment of sheepskin rugs and Casper mattresses for your lounging pleasure. The air heavy with incense as attendees received a gumdrop of their choice (nonpsychoactive CBD drops and psychoactive THC drops were both available) and then quietly filled a large studio space, seeking out comfortable nooks to ease into the vibrations of the sound bath. As the members of Sigur Rós began layering obscure sounds to create a harmonious melody, men wrapped in sheer cloaks wandered the space, holding a candle to guide their way in one hand and a smudge of incense in the other, providing an element of performance art to the sound bath.

SIGUR RÓS AND FRIENDS: Present Reykjavík Fringe Zak Ryan Schlegel

It is one thing to dub an event an immersive experience, and it is another to truly provide a transformative journey of exploration. With the innovative minds over at MAAVVEN responsible for lighting and production, we’re not surprised this event was something out of this world. A departure from typical rowdy events, the evening was a vibrant opportunity to take a journey while in the presence of gorgeous creations, making for a brilliant introduction to the luxury goods Lord Jones offers and an unmatched spiritual journey. Ready to go within? Check out the Lord Jones offerings here.

Juan Azulay Light Installation Juan Azulay Light Installation SIGUR RÓS AND FRIENDS: Present Reykjavík Fringe

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