Off Like A Prom Dress: Get Hot and Bothered with Sticks & Stones Agency

Ainsley Hutchence of Sticks & Stones Agency is back with the return of the “Off Like A Prom Dress” series. After a taking a two year hiatus to focus on art direction and writing for a bouquet of brands, this editorial proves that Hutchence has only gained momentum and style in the time that has passed. Shot atop a random rooftop on the Gold Coast, model/actress Beth Hurrell takes on the day’s warmth with a languid posture and undress-me eyes, allowing us to redefine our idea of hot and bothered.


Occasionally artists find themselves taking a knee on the projects that consume them, only to explore other artistic endeavors. The glory of a creative hiatus is that when you come back to whatever you were doing previously, you bring along a whole new arsenal of skills and ideas that you’ve collected along the way. Creatives are always gathering inspiration and it’s a pleasure to see time serve an artist so well. Ready to turn up the heat? Jump in below.


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