“How an Afternoon is Meant to be Spent” by Ethan Gulley

Spring has a way with you, drawn out from the walls of your bedroom. You flip the vinyl more often, you go for a walk, you tell me there is something you want to show me. We are creatures of habit and you are my habit. So, we go up long winding roads to where the city isn’t a city anymore and spend the afternoon, how an afternoon is meant to be spent, you say. Everywhere I see you feels like an already framed photograph hanging on a wall in a house I haven’t lived in yet.


In the past few months, photographer Ethan Gulley has become someone who we can’t help but keep an eye on. The symbiotic relationship in his work between a modern aesthetic and the dust of real life honed through his Alabama roots feels honest. It is in moments such as this that we get to see a seamless translation between the photographer he is and the one he is quickly becoming. With this journey in mind, we dive into his latest editorial featuring Chandler Bailey.

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