Interview Series: Lauren Alexander of LNA Clothing

Lauren Alexander is an aspirational powerhouse. She’s effortlessly chic and put together at all times on top of being a badass entrepreneur. The co-founder and creative director of fashion-forward basics company LNA, she’s been honing her hustle in the fashion industry for over a decade. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Lauren is her grounded mentality. I mean, she doesn’t like to rush because “rushing puts everyone on edge” and she believes that leadership should be exemplified with calm, collected grace. As I do with all women that amaze me, I asked her to share her perspective on creativity, adventure, and business. Get to know Lauren Alexander below!


LF: Where are you right now and what are you looking at?

LA: It’s 8:23am- I just sat down at my desk in downtown Los Angeles and staring at this quote that says “take your pleasure seriously.” I printed this out almost a year ago and taped it to the window next to my desk- I like that whenever I go to look outside I see that first. This quote is hits my heart like a ton of bricks and I love it.

LF: As an entrepreneur, what keeps you in LA as a home base?

LA: I’ve always known California was going to be the home for my business and I still believe its the land of opportunity- I know its cheesy but it’s true! I was a young and naïve girl from San Diego who had a dream of being a designer when I moved here in 2005. LA has been so good to me and serves as a constant source of inspiration for LNA season after season. We still make everything in Los Angeles and its been the biggest blessing be able to source and manufacture here.


LF: Can you imagine yourself living anywhere else?

LA: LA will always be my home base but I fantasize about being a gypsy and exploring the world. I am a California girl through and through but plan on owning an escape pad somewhere exotic – SOON I hope! How cool to have a place to run away to whenever you want.

LF: If you could add 10 more hours to everyday – light or dark – how would you spend the extra time?

LA: If I had 10 more hours a day I think I would probably just work more and spend more time lounging around in the morning. I hate rushing – rushing makes everyone stressed out and on edge. So basically I would just use those 10 extra hours to be chill AF.


LF: When was a moment in your life/career where you looked around thought, holy shit this is really fucking happening?

LA: I think I have really delayed reactions to some of our biggest milestones as a company and they don’t really hit me until way after the fact. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary and biggest year since starting and it wasn’t until months later that I thought “oh shit this is crazy”- I was a kid when we started and have grown up with this business. It’s a crazier journey than I could have ever expected and taught me how to be a real adult. It’s not until I think about all the ups and downs that I go “WOW, how the hell did we do all this?”

LF: What is one thing you love about yourself – physically, mentally, or both?

LF: I have a freckle on my eye and I am insanely stubborn. I do most things my way or the highway more often than not and I am terrible at asking for help. I will have exhausted every option out there before I am able to ask for assistance. But on the flip side I think I am an easy going chick! It’s true I am I swear it. I don’t like stress or bad vibes so I make a real effort to set that tone when I’m around. As a boss I need to be a strong pillar for my team, but I aim to lead with ease and confidence, never intimidation.

LF: Describe the last moment you felt pure happiness.

LA: I was walking down sunset the other night looking at downtown LA – it was all lit up and I had this moment of feeling like everything was as it was supposed be – LA still looks so beautiful to me and I hope that never changes.


LF: What are you most looking forward to this year?

LA: I have already begun my countdown to my upcoming Tulum trip for my Birthday in May. We go every year and it’s truly a magical place where everything is just so blissful, and I am truly able to relax. I know I sound like a cliché, but Tulum is my happy place and amazing stuff happens down there.

LF: How FAST do you live?

LA: Hmm… I think I live FAST! Maybe that depends on who you ask – haha. I never want to lose the ability to surprise myself – I think about that a lot. How do I continue to say “ Holy shit. I did this, who knew?! Spontaneity is something I’ve gotten better at with age, believe it or not.

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