Hotel Tour: Samai Ocean Lodge San Jose, Ecuador

Upon arrival on the coast of Ecuador we walked up a one kilometer hill to the Samai Ocean Lodge. It was worth the trek, though a taxi is recommended if you’re packing a lot of gear. The dirt road was lined with family houses, trees, a little neighborhood cafe, and even a corral of horses.


At the top of this long but gorgeous hill, the entire ocean was visible below. You could even hear the waves. There was a white archway along the dirt road which signaled the entrance to the grounds of Samai. The lobby is an outdoor cabana overlooking the sea and trees below.


On the way to the room we passed jungle-like trees, motorbikes, a beautiful outdoor restaurant, and many little unique cottages.


The path to each cottage followed the ocean vista with breathtaking views.

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Our dwelling rested at the end of the path up a small set of stairs. The bed sat against a large triangle window overlooking the trees below. Better yet, the balcony held a hammock overlooking the sea. It was the perfect oasis.

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Back down the pathway there was a pool that overlooked the ocean from the distance. All the foliage between the pool and the sea was visible from here. The bar whipped up some delicious piña coladas as we basked in the sunshine and ocean views.

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It was a very tranquil place, and our traveling bones finally found a place to rest. We ventured down to the beach during our stay and ate seafood by the sea. The walk down the hill was much easier than coming up, especially with no backpacks. The beach eatery we found was just down the road from Samai. There were hammocks, and miles of coastline to walk.


The little surrounding neighborhoods were made of dirt roads, and there were children playing football in the fields. It felt like California here, except without any of the expense or overcrowding. It was so authentic and peaceful.


Our only regret was that we could not stay longer in this paradise! Yet, the road called for more traveling, and after a nice short stay it was time to carry on. Tania and her husband, the owners of Samai, were incredibly kind to us and I recommend anyone in the coast of Ecuador to find this wonderful place.


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