Hotel Tour: Hotel de Sal Luna Salada Uyuni, Bolivia

About thirty kilometers from the tourist center town of Uyuni, the Salt Flats begin to unfold. First, we passed through a small town called Colchani. There was not much there except for a few houses and dirt roads filled with land cruisers embarking on tours.

Four more kilometers from there was the Hotel de Sal Luna Salada. There was no exact road, so we drove straight through the wide desert and arrived at what felt like a space bunker on Mars. In the distance the salt flats were visible. Almost appearing as ice and snow, the salt flats are just a wide area of salty, white earth.

Within the lobby the ground was paved with white salt too, and the walls were made of white salt bricks. The entire hotel held little sitting areas with fireplaces and cozy seating.

From the lobby there was a long stretch of individual alcoves like this, including sofas, beds for lounging, and hammocks. That space station feel was in full effect.

At the end of the hall, the restaurant and bar boasted spectacular views of the salt flats through the windows. We ordered a local Bolivian drink, the Chuflay, and a house speciality, Luna Salada. The Luna was comprised of Kahlua, creme de cacao, gin, and a little ice.

We walked to the spa and took a sunset soak in the hot tub, once again overlooking the sand. There was no one out here, it truly felt otherworldly. It was incredibly peaceful.

From here we enjoyed the room, which gave a beautiful view of the mountains in the distance.

The beds were fluffy and inviting with big, down comforters. Once again we noticed the salt on the floor, along the edge of the room. Wood floors made up the rest, and the walls were all made of salt bricks.

We played pool in the game room with some Chinese travelers, and went off to sleep. The morning promised a complimentary breakfast, which was incredibly lush. There were fresh fruit juices, personal omelettes, oatmeal, fresh fruit, meats, and pastries. Just what we needed for the three day tour ahead.

The surrounding landscape of the desert salt flats truly made us feel as though we were on some other planet. The grounds of the hotel were seemingly endless and the staff was extremely hospitable. It was a wonderful, relaxing retreat in between the hard traveling behind and ahead of us. The next day the salt flat trek began… taking us all the way to the Atacama desert of Chile.


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