“Her” by Parker Woods

She told me her story through her clothing. A camel Dior trench coat draped over her body, revealing white fishnet tights. Ambitious, rebellious, perhaps cheeky on the occasional Saturday evening.

Parker Woods Select 003

A pink jacket thrown over track pants and worn Adidas serve as an ode to her childhood: playful, unrestricted, and strikingly serious at times. A fuchsia vinyl jacket brings us to the present day. It reveals deeper contents – perhaps the blouse or bra she is wearing, the light melanin of her skin – all while illuminating her face in a flushed hue of neon.

Parker Woods Select 004

“Her” is a Parker Woods exclusive editorial, marking his debut appearance on Live FAST. Featuring beauty Jorji Zimmatore as the sole character of the story, we are guided through a series of visuals that reveal plenty to the mind, inviting us into the narrative of a girl and a damn good wardrobe.

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