Dreaming While Awake: Diving Into Lina Viktor’s Cerebral State

I’m not sure I’ve encountered an artist as dynamic as Lina Viktor. She creates with a deep intuition – whether that be through painting or performance. Her work is informed by her keen sense of autonomy – in a 2014 interview with The Root, she adamantly stated, “While society wants to put you in a box, I’ve always been drawn to those that exist outside the box and whose vision transcends all of that. That’s how I see myself.”


It is with that vibrancy that we view her work and it is with that awareness of her independence that we understand her art is an extension of her narrative. Aside from the emotion tucked into each piece, spectators are treated to her exquisite craftsmanship that is exemplified in her key color palette of black, gold, and majorelle blue. At once a visionary and a creator, Viktor’s work reminds me of the in-between cerebral state I encounter during my dreams. A conscious dreamscape where I am free to explore, unrestricted from an earthly narrative and empowered in my own right. Care to join me? Check out my favorite pieces from Lina Viktor below.

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