Dive Into Ran Ortner’s Hyperrealistic Paintings

Ran Ortner creates hyperrealistic paintings that remind us of the power and beauty of the ocean. He casts the vast body of water under different hues – the deep blue of night, the golden tint of sunset, the crisp grey of an overcast day – inviting his audience to revel in the many different faces of nature. With larger than life paintings that leave spectators looking like tiny specs as they indulge in the intricate details of Ortner’s works, every piece is enthralling and breathtaking at once. Take a swim in more of his work here.

ran-ortner3 Artwork-by-Ran-Ortner-6 tumblr_mzq1h3P6xq1qdhfhho4_1280 56fc3ee3d8e5c.image

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