Born a Bad Seed Takes Us Across the Country with Amanda Leigh Smith

The art in appreciating a road trip comes from not only wanting, but also being able to recognize the beauty in the strangeness. We have to appreciate the unexpected and in-between spaces: old motels and algae filled pools, roadside ice cream, and room temp beer, a layer of dust on your skin in the desert, the the sun bleached towns of America’s West. A road trip is not a glamorous way to travel. It is equal parts anticipation for what comes next and unparalleled resignation in wherever you are.

“On The Road” with Born A Bad Seed is part S/S 17 lookbook and part travel journal. It was shot entirely on 35mm film while traversing the west from Portland, OR to Reno, NV to Los Angeles, CA. Photographer Amanda Leigh Smith and model Taylor Gardiner have a casual kind of chemistry that makes us feel like we were tucked into the backseat for their entire adventure. This lookbook hones in on the very real feeling of how time is carved out on the road, measured only by roadside attractions, empty bars lit by neon signs, and the quick glory of getting to stretch your legs now and then. Catch our favorite looks below.

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