A Pink Moon to Remember: Our First Grit Girl Hike Comes to Life

We dreamt up an event that would connect and inspire creative women while staying true to the simplicity and beauty of our Southern California home base. In partnership with Richer Poorer, an elevated clothing company producing not-so-basic basic pieces, we launched Grit Girl Hike, an all women adventure club. Taking to Echo Mountain in Pasadena, twenty of our most beloved collaborators followed hike hosts Magdalena Wosinska and Kari Jansen of Poppy & Someday up and down the mountain while the sun gently set and the pink full moon rose. This event was nothing short of magic and reinvigorated attendees – as we physically pushed ourselves, we opened up to one another, forming new friendships and catching up with familiar faces alike.

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A reoccurring topic here at Live FAST is the notion of an inclusive community. With recent activations, we are working to take our digital presence and translate that to IRL connections. The Grit Girl Hike club is a beautiful series that works to do just that – create real, tangible connections while collaborating with brands that we truly believe in. None of this would be made possible without Richer Poorer (who, by the way, makes seriously the best bralettes and coziest t-shirts ever), sweetgreen, Health-Ade Kombucha, Clover Juice, and the Hundredth Acre. Last night’s pink full moon symbolized rebirth, renewal, and feminine energy. The Grit Girl Hike brought just that.

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This is just the beginning – stay tuned as we continue to find our grit on the paths less traveled.

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