101 Powerful Portraits of American Gun Violence Survivors

101 visual narratives tell the story of what it means to be affected by gun violence in America. SHOT: 101 Survivors of Gun Violence in America, a photo book created by Kathy Shorr, takes us around the country to meet different survivors of gun violence. Setting the stage for this narrative by sharing Megan Hobson’s story, we learn that Hobson was shot in the pelvis while driving by gang members toting an AK-47.


Several years in the making, Shorr began creating SHOT  in 2013, seeking funding via Kickstarter along the way. Each portrait tells a story – whether that is the story of a woman shot by her ex-husband or a young man who was randomly shot in Brooklyn. The content is empowering in the sense that each subject is given the ability to control their own narrative, with some images hinting at other aspects of their life, marking their identity as a survivor as another checkbox in their life – right next to mother, professional, wife, creative.


Demonstrating how pervasive gun violence is, how one moment can change your life forever and you most likely will never see that bullet coming; SHOT debunks the theory that gun violence is an epidemic segregated to “bad parts” of cities. Instead, it reminds us that this could affect any of us at any time, a chilling reminder of our mortality and resilience. Order your copy now.


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