We’ve Found the Perfect Vacation for Lively Creatives

For the more creative-minded, a vacation poses a quandary: How will one nourish their artistic needs while unplugging from the world? Yes, there is the self-guided creative retreat and sure, a great book may satisfy the need for fulfillment. However, there is nothing quite like leaving your home and stepping into an unknown space to hone in on a new craft. Enter Vacation With An Artist (aka VAWAA). A startup that essentially functions as an artist residency, VAWAA was founded by Geetika Agrawal, a New York City-based creative director.

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Offering residencies that vary from writing in Vietnam (sign us up) to woodturning in Uruguay, there is opportunity to tap into the most obscure creative desires. Basically, once you find the art/location combination that speaks to you (ceramics in Japan, anyone?), you send a booking request. Once your request is approved, you can count on being guided through the particular craft you signed up for. A fair contender with Airbnb’s “Experiences,” VAWAA kicks it up a notch, immersing you in both a new culture and a new art form. Interested? Yeah, us too. Learn more here.

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