These Rainbow Art Installations Have Us Dreaming in Neon

Gabriel Dawe‘s work is both playful and deeply intellectual. Originally hailing from Mexico City, he creates art installations that explore the relationship between architecture and fashion. Weaving technicolor textiles together to create rainbow-hued installations, each piece is created with the goal of subverting the notions of masculinity Gabriel faced during his Mexican upbringing.

Made of Gütermann thread fastened to powder-coated steel frames, Gabriel transforms everyday materials into vibrant and captivating pieces that are not of this world. See for yourself below.

Gabriel-Dawe-colorful-art-installation-arts-and-crafts-I-Lobo-you2 Gabriel-Dawe-colorful-art-installation-arts-and-crafts-I-Lobo-you Renwick Wonder Gabriel-Dawe-colorful-art-installation-arts-and-crafts-I-Lobo-you9

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