The Erotic Art of Fetish and Crystals: The Chakrubs Shadow Line

Throughout history, crystals have always been revered, not only for their beauty and brilliance, but for their spiritual and psychological healing properties. Crystals are one of the earth’s most sacred natural accessories, a gift to us from Mother Nature’s own jewelry line, exuding light and love with their radiance, color, and texture. Chakrubs, a natural crystal sex toy collection, created six years ago by Vanessa Cuccia, has led the way towards merging sensuality and spirituality within the adult toy market. These beautiful works of art are guided by human hands to create a sex toy that will enhance and energize the inner chakras, resulting in the ultimate experience of erotic pleasure. From crystal dildo wands to butt plugs and kegel eggs, each toy is handcrafted from the sleek smoothness of jade, amethyst, rose quartz, and more.

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Chakrubs has recently released their newest collection, Shadow Line, which carries the same properties of natural crystal energy as all their products, but with the thrilling addition of the erotic art of fetish. The Shadow Line offers cock rings, ball gags, dildos, plugs, and more, all beautifully carved into sensual shapes and made of Obsidian crystal and stainless steel, which lends the alluring energy of crystals to the dark and arousing practice of fetish sex. 

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Each piece in the Shadow Line is considered an interactive erotic sculpture, a piece of art that evokes both physical and aesthetic pleasure. Made for self-love and partner sex, these artistic and tastefully ornamental sex toys cause the heart to race and the breath to quicken, leading to undulating orgasms inspired by the organic power of crystals coupled with the fire of our darkest desires.

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