Stay Soft: The Female Form Takes Shape in Mattea Perrotta’s Paintings

Soft and round, like the curve of her back, the slope of her cleavage, the rise and fall of her thighs. There’s something about the shapes used in Mattea Perrotta‘s paintings that remind me of godly women I’ve never met. The Los Angeles-based artist expertly uses bold oil paint on canvas, an age-old battle of the textures that I’ve developed a deep affinity for.

image-1_674 (1)

The resemblance to the female form in Perrotta’s work is subtle and abstract. I question if it is something that I even see or if this is something that I feel instead. These uncertain yet adoring emotions evoked, paired with her organic modern aesthetic, have me falling head over heels. For more from Mattea Perrotta, visit here.

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