RVCA’s “Dark Nights. Bright Lights.” is the Epitome of California Cool

Somewhere that isn’t here there is a girl who isn’t you, and she is in want of a lot.

Photographer Jenavieve Belair and RVCA have nestled us into a moody night at a forgotten seaside motel where needs go unaddressed and our imagination runs amuck.

Models Kayleigh Breanne & Kate Watson channel that certain kind of California apathy, it rides on the Santa Ana’s and is laid into our dry bed rock. It’s bred in us from constantly having everything. You never know what to want. We came here for good reasons that no one remembers. But, when you get here there is no farther west for you to go. It’s the end of the line, as they say.

The girls are pretty and thin, lithe and bored, but there is something more. A promise we cannot quite name but only feel, electric currents like touching your tongue to a 9 volt battery. We want to be a fly on the wall of this old motel, the salt in the air, and the forgotten burnt out street light. We want to be what they’re looking for.

Featuring RVCA and their quintessential California vein, we are reminded that warm nights are on the horizon and days so long we get tired of ourselves. It’s a kind of restless hunger we welcome every spring, live by every summer, and put to sleep in the fall.

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