Meet Semi Gloss: Functional Minimalism Meets Elevated Nostalgia

Fashion is no stranger to nostalgia, that distilled, dewy filter used to romanticize a memory as a better version of the original experience. Everything old is made new again, but always with a bit of innovation. Add a layer of spiked hardware to a classic velvet smoking slipper and voilá! Christian Louboutin has a moment. Jazz up some archival prints with a layer of sequined embroidery and welcome Gucci to the list of millennial must-have designers. Call it a genius move or a gimmick, the success lies in refreshing familiarity.


Designer Patty Kim honors her wistful affection for the past in Semi Gloss, a clothing line drawing inspiration from essential silhouettes worn throughout her life, from grade school uniforms to an old flame’s favorite worn-in sweatshirt. Practically a Purist, she commits to minimal detailing and an authentic fit to preserve a sense of timeless sophistication. Using Japanese textiles for their durability and longevity, Kim is able to reinvigorate classic shapes with the comfort and functionality needed to withstand a fast-paced contemporary lifestyle. 


Kim’s fall collection interprets mens workwear staples for a woman’s wardrobe. The standout, a fleece-lined camel corduroy coat, is instantly reminiscent of Dad’s go-to snow shoveling armor and still captures the same “save the day” attitude it always represented. Buy any piece from Semi Gloss and take it everywhere, if only for the lovely way you’ll feel when it takes you back.

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