Love On The Brain: A Photo Series About Intimacy And Travel (NSFW)

One of the greatest milestones in a blooming relationship is the first trip together. When all goes well, you’re likely to find that home isn’t one particular place, but rather anywhere your love is. From squishing into tiny motel bathtubs together to wearing nothing but a fluffy hotel robe, it is the intimate in-between moments that make traveling while in love heavenly. “Hotel Life,” a photo series by Berber Theunissen, portrays the beauty of love, sex, and intimacy while on the road. View the complete series below and fall in love with more of her work here.

hotellife_012 hotellife_007 hotellife_005 hotellife_013 hotellife_015 hotellife_004 hotellife_001 hotellife_003 hotellife_009 hotellife_014 hotellife_016

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